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                      浙江寧波 5年以上 高中/中專/技校


                      行政部人事 · 寧波龍升制衣有限公司

                      活躍時間2天內, 簡歷查看率72.73%


                      • 帶薪假期
                      • 技能培訓
                      • 午餐補貼
                      • 住房補貼
                      • 員工宿舍


                              Main responsibilities/主要職責和工作內容:
                              1. 培訓新進員工的廠紀廠規,讓每一位員工都有公司的品質認知。
                              2. 與員工每周一例會,嚴控6S,工藝,質量,產量來銜接成衣生產需求。
                              3. 印花樣品開發,材料選擇,工藝制定,反復試驗是否與公司面料吻合。
                              4. 必須熟悉所在部門的機器操作與生產流程作業。
                              5. 必須熟悉水漿,膠漿,硅膠等各種印花的特性與原理。
                              6. 監控主管、組長合理安排每天的工作量,保質保量完成每一個款。
                              7. 每日報表審批,檢查員工的工作內容與產量。報表不合格的員工要找其說明原因及改善方法。
                              8. 常檢查車間在生產過程中的問題,做到去看、去想、去做的原則來杜絕問題出現。
                              9. 負責轉移印花部門印花開發、生產的正常運行與品質把控。
                              10. 服從上級領導命令,生產過程中如遇到疑難雜癥要找領導一起溝通處理。
                              11. 配合公司其它部門的業務需求,車縫車間與后道發現印花時積極處理,堅決不耽誤出貨期。
                              12. 每天檢查所有員工的工作表現與工作狀態,檢查員工在操作時的工藝流程與質量。
                              13. 隨時檢查部門的6S,機器、臺面、地板上是否存在灰塵與污垢。
                              14. 控制漿料、油墨、人工、材料上的成本,給員工灌輸在生產時節約用量減少次品率,不多用,不浪費的意實
                              15. 監控機器、工人隨時都在一個高效的工作狀態。
                              16. 培訓多功能工及培訓橢圓印花機、刮板工稀缺崗位學習,防止難招聘崗位的技術人員的流失。
                              17. 根據市場變化不斷研發客戶所需要的新產品。
                              18. 公司委派的其它任務。
                              1. Train new employee'''s factory discipline, let every employee have the company'''s quality cognition.
                              2. Meet with staff every Monday to strictly control 6S, process, quality and output to meet garment production needs.
                              3. Development of stamping and printing samples, ion of materials, formulation of process, and repeated tests to see if they are consistent with the company'''s fabrics.
                              4. Must be familiar with the machine operation and production process of the department.
                              5. Must be familiar with the characteristics and principles of water base, plastisol, silicon, and all kinds of printing type.
                              6. Monitor supervisor and team leader to arrange daily workload reasonably and complete each payment with quality and quantity guaranteed.
                              7. Daily report approval, check work content and output. The unqualified staff should find out the reasons and improvement methods.
                              8. Often check the workshop in the process of production problems, do to see, to think, to do the principle to eliminate problems.
                              9.Responsible for screen printing department'''s bulk production and development achieve standard operation and quality control.
                              10. Obey the order of superior leader, if encounter difficult problems in the production process to find leaders to communicate and deal with.
                              11. Cooperate with the business needs of other departments of the company, deal with the problems of printing and scalding in the sewing workshop and the back road actively, and never delay the delivery date.
                              12. Check the work performance and working status of all employees every day, check the process flow and quality of employees during operation.
                              13. Check 6S, machine, countertops, floor for dirt and dirt at all times.
                              14. Control the cost of paste, ink, labor and materials, and inculcate the concept of cost saving in production to reduce the rate of defective products, do not use, do not waste.
                              15. Monitor machines and workers in a highly efficient working state at all times.
                              16. Training multifunctional workers and training the operators of carousel printing machines and manual tapes, to avoid high turnover of these key positions.
                              17. Develop new products according to market changes and customer expectation.
                              18. Other tasks assigned by the company.
                              1. 工作認真負責,能承受工作壓力。
                              2. 至少5年以上的大型印花車間/工廠的管理經驗。
                              3. 大專及以上學歷。
                              4. 溝通能力強,能與各部門積極配合。
                              5. 能處理生產現場出現的種種問題,并找出原因。
                              1. Responsible and able to work under pressure.
                              2. At least 5 years''' management experience in large screen printing workshop or factory.
                              3. College degree or above.
                              4. Strong communication skill, can actively cooperate with various departments.
                              5. Can deal with various problems on production site and find out the root cause.









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